Does Community Partners work with other service providers in the area?
YES. We coordinate with other service providers in the Two Harbors area to enhance the care of local seniors, and to prevent duplication of services.

We work closely with Socially Active Seniors (SAS), Lake County Human Services, Lake View Memorial Hospital and Clinic, North Shore Area Partners, the Senior Linkage Line and others. We also coordinate with the “First Call” program with Coop Light and Power to offer a local Personal Response program.

Am I a caregiver?
You are a caregiver if you provide daily care that enables a frail or disabled person to live at home despite illness or disability.

What is caregiver respite?
Respite Care allows caregivers the opportunity to take a break, go to church, attend to shopping needs, or visit with friends, all the time knowing that their loved elder is being cared for.

What respite care services are available in my community?
Contact Community Partners for information on respite care. Options may include:

  • Trained volunteers can stay with a loved one who does not need hands on care for up to 4 hours.
  • Consumer Directed Care can provide financial assistance for a family so they can hire a respite worker themselves.
  • A Home Health Aide may be able to provide respite relief by helping with bathing and other tasks on a regular basis. Nurses, Home Health Aides and Homemakers are available through Home Health Care Providers.
  • Adult Day Services are available in Duluth at the Benedictine Health Center and Edgewood Vista. In-facility Respite Care is provided by Ecumen Scenic Shores Care Center depending on Bed Availability.

Contact Linda Kinnunen, Caregiver Consultant in the Community Partners office for more information about respite options, 834-8024.


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